TSRL, Inc. has developed a therapeutic prodrug platform which addresses unmet needs associated with the treatment of infectious diseases, including: HSV, VZV, CMV, EBV, poxvirus, HPV, adenovirus, influenza, and other RNA viruses. Our patented technologies also encompass formulation approaches, which are designed to optimize drug delivery rate and time to maximize therapeutic efficacy and safety.

Two of TSRL Inc.’s technologies have been successfully out-licensed. In an effort to expand our research efforts farther downstream to clinical development, we have developed a technology portfolio primarily focused on analogues of antiviral compounds. This portfolio includes three granted and four pending patents.

Three patented drug delivery technologies are available for out-licensing. TSRL Inc. is actively seeking partner investments and/or research collaborations for our portfolio of antiviral compounds as well as our drug delivery technologies.

Our Approach

TSRL, Inc. is pursuing a four-pronged approach for advancing our technology portfolio:

  1. Collaborating with academic investigators within overlapping core research interests
  2. Partnering with pharmaceutical companies for advancing our most promising leads
  3. In-licensing technologies that align with our core competencies
  4. Out-licensing drug delivery technologies and other matured and de-risked therapeutic assets

For more information, contact Business Development at bd@tsrlinc.com