The Opportunity

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly looking toward academia for new product opportunities. Research collaborations are a cost-effective way to develop novel therapeutic approaches in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. Likewise, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is emerging as a strong player in translational medicine. The NIH provides nearly $30 billion in non-dilutive funding to researchers across the nation every year.


The Challenge

Angel investors and venture capital funds have moved toward later stage assets, especially with respect to drug therapies. An early-stage technology may have significant potential, but not have the comprehensive data package or the go-to-market plan required to raise the funds needed. As a result, many promising projects fail to be realized.

The Therapeutic "Valley of Death"

Valley of Death Timeline.png

The Solution

TSRL, Inc. is building on its successful history of developing technologies through the NIH SBIR program and collaborates with academic researchers and entrepreneurs to provide an avenue to non-dilutive funding. Funded projects will have access to experienced pharmaceutical scientists and business professionals, wet-lab space and other resources to drive promising projects to their next inflection point, generally an Investigational New Drug (IND) application.

Our Technology Accelerator Process

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