Who We Are

Therapeutic Systems Research Laboratories (TSRL), Inc. is a privately women-owned, pre-clinical accelerator based in Ann Arbor, Michigan focused on building companies that develop infectious disease therapeutics. A key aspect of our strategy is our Technology Accelerator, an ongoing collaborative process that lends our expertise and capabilities to entrepreneurs seeking to obtain the data and non-dilutive funding necessary to develop and/or commercialize their inventions. One focus is improving existing drug products by applying our versatile prodrug platform technologies to optimize therapy regimen for treating infectious diseases. Potential target indications include: influenza, HSV, VZV, CMV, EBV, poxvirus, HPV, Adenovirus, and RNA viruses.

We currently employ ten full-time employees and a number of drug development consultants and generate annual revenues of approximately $2M from royalties and grants. Our team has broad experience in chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, in vivo animal model, PK/ADME, toxicology and formulation. Our research is conducted in a 7,200 sq. ft. facility of which 5,000 sq. ft. is wet lab space, with on-site analytical chemistry, formulation, cell culture equipment and in vivo testing capabilities.


What We Do

Two of TSRL Inc.’s technologies have been successfully out-licensed. In an effort to expand our research efforts farther downstream to clinical development we have developed a technology portfolio primarily focused on analogues of antiviral compounds. This portfolio includes three issued and four pending patents covering broad spectrum antiviral agents.

Three patented and two patent-pending drug delivery technologies are available for out-licensing. In addition, we are actively seeking partner investments and/or research collaborations to augment our portfolio of antiviral compounds as well as our drug delivery technologies.

Read more about our technology platform, including partnering and/or research collaboration opportunities, in our “Research & Licensing” section here